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David Brzozowski

creative director, writer, producer, motion graphics, titles & visual effects

David has been directing the creative energies of BlueSpark since founding the agency in 1997. Over the course of his career, David has worked on major motion pictures such as The Stepford Wives21 Jump Street and Anamorph. He has lent his talent to many short films, game and film trailers, music videos and corporate videos. Recently, David wrote and co-produced the television pilot Eddie's, and produced and  executed graphics and titles for the groundbreaking cinematic VR series, Delusion: Lies Within in partnership with Skybound Entertainment and with worldwide distribution through SamsungVR.

Will Shivers

director, writer, producer, documentarian & editorial

A graduate of USC film school, Will is a writer, director, editor, character actor, and voice over artist who knows both sides of the camera intimately. Recently, Will starred alongside George Wendt in the pilot episode of Eddie’s. With time, TV, commercials and film under his belt, Will has turned his attention to writing and directing with the completion of his comedy pilot Functional Chaos. He co-wrote and edited the Jon Braver short, The Hypnotist which has garnered much buzz at the genre film festivals, and is currently in development to become a feature film. Will is also currently in development with The Label and Crossing Lincoln - his first feature-length script. He also produced Delusion: Lies Within, a cinematic VR series in conjunction with Skybound Entertainment.

Mike Coulter & Toby Johnston

music composition, sound design & mixing

Sound and music have a way of transforming even the best visual into something amazing. That is what Mike and Toby have been doing since 2001. With a fully equipped sound studio, complete with live room and a vast array of sounds and noises at their fingertips, they have consistently taken projects to the next level. They have a history of memorable commercial spots, but over the years have been instrumental in a multitude of projects ranging from trailers and short films, to corporate, feature and web series. Their ability to package music, original or library, sound design, ADR, voice-over and mixing, is the critical final ingredient for completion of any project.

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